Spartan Testimonial from Miss Michelle Smith AKA Miss Beast!

Spartan6“I completed my very first Spartan Sprint Race in 2014 and it was truly amazing. I had no idea what to expect from the race as well as the training leading up to it. I committed myself to doing this and was dedicated to see it through.

After watching a couple of Youtube videos I was starting to have second thoughts but nevertheless I continued on. Kennett and I trained as early as 4am to some times 9pm at night several times a week. This was my very first time ever getting up at 3:15am for a 4am training session but as I stated, I was committed and dedicated to this. I’ve never trained so hard in my life but thank God I did because every single thing we did and more was part of the Spartan Race.

Through the mud pit holding on to Miss Spartan Beast

Of course I complained well training because there was no way what we were doing made sense to me but low and behold, it all came together. The day of the race I was both excited and nervous as hell. Having Kennett by my side that entire journey was much needed and even more appreciated. He pushed me to my max and never left my side…a true meaning of teamwork.

We ran, slid in mud, jump in muddy water, climb walls after walls, carried granite balls, did burpees, crawled under bob-wires, climb ropes, pull sandbags, etc. All this was done on a rainy and cold day but the experience and level of accomplishment made it feel sunny and warm. I would definitely do it again with the same 4am training with Kennett. It really is mind over matter!!!”

Michelle Smith, Age:38

Associate Director

Charlotte, NC


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