Reena Already Lost 20 Pounds and Several Inches

Reena-Before_After“Before I started my fitness journey with Kennett, I was truly lost. I was overweight as a result of being in a sad place in my life, and it clearly showed in my appearance. I didn’t care enough about myself to want to be healthy, and instead, I indulged in ways I shouldn’t have — food, alcohol, etc. Since coming to Healing Strength Personal Training, my life has taken a dramatic change for the better.

Kennett’s guidance hasn’t just helped me lose more than 20 pounds and several inches over the course of a few months, but it’s made me mentally and emotionally stronger as well. I never looked forward to working out. Now, it’s practically part of my daily routine thanks to Kennett. I cannot recommend him enough, and I’m excited to continue down this positive path with him.”

Reena Arora, Age:31
Communications Consultant
Charlotte, NC

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