Take Steps to Develop ‘It Factor’ Attitude

From the June 18 edition of The Lancaster News

Words and the power that they bring can sometimes be life-changing. The key is mastering both of them. Many of us are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I’m the first to say that it is not easy. For those of us that truly try, we know that there is a means to the end, which is improved health and quality of life. Still, at times, we all become discouraged and sometimes disappointed.

When these times hit, it’s the time you must have the “It Factor.”

I know you are probably saying what is the “It Factor?” Many of us have this gift and are never aware of our own personal talents that lie within. Some of the top athletes in the world know what the “It Factor” is and they set out to prove it daily, whether it is on the football field, basketball court, or golf course.

The “It Factor” is simple: It is you. That’s right. You are 100 percent the factor of what you do and the success you achieve in life. Why do celebrities become experts at what they do? Why can some athletes perform at a higher level when they hit the court?

Well, behind all of the smoke and mirrors, they are just normal people like us. The only difference is their belief system is strong.

Do you have a belief system? If that person is an athlete, he or she believes they are still the best even when discouraged and disappointed.

The “It Factor” turns that discouragement into encouragement because of a strong belief system. One of my belief systems is broken down into three words: Faith, perseverance and patience. These words have helped me weather many challenges. As an athlete, I have competed in several natural bodybuilding competitions. There are memories of the ones I’ve won, along with memories where I placed second, third and lost.

Through it all, I still believe I’m the best at what I have accomplished. This attitude allows me to stay positive to continue to compete and have faith in my own personal training regimen.

I also include personal faith and meditation into my training since these components are the foundation of everything I do in life.

All things don’t come easy for some of us, so perseverance is a must in your daily life and short- and long-term goals.

The big kicker is patience. Many of our nation’s most historical inventions and discoveries didn’t happen overnight and were filled with trial and error. You must treat health and fitness goals the same way. Diets listed in the top-selling magazines are not always diets that fit your lifestyle. You have to do a little trial and error to make smart choices with nutritional foods that work best for you and your system. If it took two years for you to gain 25 pounds of excessive, unhealthy weight, you cannot expect to lose that 25 pounds within a week or even a month.

Have patience, while at the same time, work on other aspects of your belief system. Don’t just apply that system to health and wellness, but to your personal life, business and job, too. Believe in yourself even when you fall short of your goals. Have confidence in yourself and believe that you can do it.

Even if you are a stay-at-home home mom or just the average person, you can still discover your “It Factor.”

Being successful

I have learned that personal success hinges on three factors: My belief system; the process I use; and practice, practice, practice. Consider taking these steps to formulate your system for personal success:

  • Schedule a 30-minute time slot for five days. Sit down in a quiet place and think about the positive steps you can take to make you more successful, or those things you have done in the past that made you a success. You can develop as many phases or steps as you would like. The objective is to develop a personalized belief system that works for you.
  • Use this system regularly in your daily life. This includes your job, relationship, health and wellness, as well as personal goals.
  • Remember that you are always in competition with yourself. The beauty of adapting this mind-set is that you never lose a battle against yourself.
  • Start building your personalized belief system today. Once it’s in place, train hard and eat healthy to reach your potential.

– Fitness expert and bodybuilder Kennett Washington is president of Healing Strength Personal Training.