‘Magic bullet’ is good nutrition

From the Feb. 3rd 2010 edition of The Lancaster News

Every year, about this time (just like clockwork), I get numerous calls asking the same fitness-related questions.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • “How do I get ripped or how can I tone my stomach and waist area?”
  • “What supplements can I take to get me in shape and help me loss weight?”
  • “What do you do to get into shape?”

These questions are all pretty general and ask pretty much the same thing. And the answer is the same for all three of them.

In fact, it’s the million-dollar answer that everyone wants to hear, but many people won’t follow through with the actions needed to reap the reward. Nutrition is the magic bullet.

The only way to achieve permanent long-term results is through proper nutrition. Putting the right foods in your mouth can change your overall health and wellness.

The second phase to this magic bullet is movement, with some form of resistance exercise.

Recent studies show that an estimated 50 million people will go on some form of weight-loss program.

Just as alarming, they will spend more than $30 billion on weight-loss products and services that are fad diets, and unsafe or ineffective nutritional supplements.

A large percentage of others who have tried to lose weight in the past and failed will give up altogether.

Today’s society seems to think this is all new information on how to get in shape or get ripped. But it’s been around for centuries.

Cave men were ripped, lean and some of the first real triathlon athletes. They were hunters and gatherers, which meant they ran and swam, day in and day out, to catch food for survival. Their bodies were fit and they surely were aware of all the most nutritional foods.

Proper nutrition is a balanced approach that always includes an education component.

Take 20 minutes a day and educate yourself on exercise and good nutrition, coupled with effective weight-loss supplementation.

Just like the cave men, we all are still athletes in our own way. Some of us are faster and some of us are slower, but the foundation of quality health is still nutrition.

My daily bodybuilding 17-week meal plan

Right now, I am preparing for my next bodybuilding show, which always leads to questions about what I’m eating. This 17-week daily meal plan may be very advanced and that’s OK. This plan is designed for maximum fat loss, while helping maintain lean body tissue

You are welcome to make it your own, but if you don’t like certain foods, research alternative foods to take their place. The most important aspects are consistency, patience and focus.

– Meal 1 – Eight ounces of lean beef or chicken breast, three egg whites and a grapefruit
– Meal 2 – A two-scoop protein drink with one tablespoon healthy fat (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or one tablespoon heavy whipping cream; or 1 cup broccoli and four to six ounces of chicken or lean beef
– Meal 3 – Eight ounces of chicken (weighed before cooking), two cups vegetables (raw spinach or Romaine mixed greens) with two tablespoons of vinegar and oil dressing
– Meal 4 – A two-scoop protein drink with one tablespoon healthy fat (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or one tablespoon heavy whipping cream; or a six-ounce can of tuna or four to six ounces of chicken and one tomato
– Meal 5 – Ten ounces (93 percent or leaner) beef or chicken, turkey, fish, four cups salad containing healthy vegetables, such as lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and green peppers, with two tablespoons vinegar and oil dressing. Once a week, the meat with this meal should be sirloin.
– On Monday and Thursday, you should add a sixth meal of 1.5 cups oatmeal (precooked) or cooked brown rice, a 10-ounce sweet potato, medium banana, one cup of vegetables, one tablespoon of butter, almond butter or oil at the end of the day.

I also drink about two gallons of water each day.

Once a week (usually on Friday or Saturday), I choose one cheat meal to have and enjoy.

This is about 80 percent of my body transformation.

While this doesn’t include any cardio training or workout sessions, this is definitely the foundation of success.

This tried and true nutritious meal plan has been around for a long time. I have made some minor tweaks here and there, but for the most part this is the magic bullet.

I will follow this up to the day of my show (May 8). Between now and then, I will make minor changes to the carbohydrates and fat intakes as needed.

This is the magic bullet for good health. Let it help you make your “new you” body in 2010. Until next time, train hard and eat healthy.

– Fitness expert and bodybuilder Kennett Washington is president of Healing Strength Personal Training.