All It Takes Is Eight Minutes

From the July 29, 2009 edition of the Lancaster News

Most of us stay busy from sunrise to sunset. We all have jobs, families and the various responsibilities that accompany each day. Unfortunately, this is why most of us fail to address our health as a priority or even a concern.

I can understand your frustration; I can understand how full your plate is during today’s times of economic hardship. You find yourself asking, “Where did my day go or where did the years go?”

In the blink of an eye, five years have passed by and you’re in no better shape now than you were then. It’s a vicious cycle that, in some cases, can lead to death caused by some form of preventable illness.

What if I told you I knew a way to help you get your health and wellness on track? What if this strategic approach only took eight minutes of your day? Eight minutes and you will start seeing inches dropping off and pounds falling off the scale. This isn’t some magic pill, potion or exercise gadget, either.

It is something much more powerful. You can never run out of it or have to send it back for a refund when it breaks.Do I have your attention yet? I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in the past eight years and each and every one of them has benefited from this approach.

Focus on nutrition

Everything starts with a good nutritional base. You have to choose healthy foods to make this work. Notice I didn’t say you have to go on a low-carb diet, soup diet, high-protein diet or anything like that.

The human body is the most complex and amazing machine on God’s green earth. Our bodies need more to survive than just low-carb dishes, soup and proteins. We have to eat in balance.

If you are not sure about what to eat, then I suggest you go to a local Wal-Mart and look through some of the men’s health and women’s health magazines. These publications are loaded with information on eating right and sample menus of what to eat.

Some of the values of these magazines are priceless because you can use these very same heart-healthy recipes to help save you or your loved one’s life. The other part of this eight- minute strategic approach will soon help you blast away unwanted, toxic fat.

If you do not exercise, I recommend that you check with your family doctor first.Eight minutes is not a typographical error. You should know that I can get the better of most clients in eight minutes. Eight minutes is a long time when you are exerting muscle energy and producing force to burn calories. The key is exertion and time under tension.

You want to choose any physical movement you enjoy and do this movement with proper form for eight minutes. However, a word to the wise works well here. Choose more than one movement to allow muscle recovery as you transition to another exercise.

For example, if you do 20 repetitions of body squats, after the last one, transition to a lying dumbbell chest press or triceps kick backs. Those three movements are in sequence to a complete workout. The key is consistent movement for the full eight minutes. This works well with boot campers and it works wonders for the ladies.

Called the “300s,” we do 300 repetitions between 15 different exercises. These exercises range from core, plyometric, strength training, power movement and others. The boot campers actually have gotten pretty good at it now and we can do the “300s” in between six and seven minutes.

The less time the exercise takes, the better the results. Once you get really good at it, add different varieties of exercises. You want to build your intensity as safely and quickly as possible.

For really elite trainers, you can increase weight and repetitions for more of a challenge. This will help your body to use more oxygen, causing you to then burn calories, which has a massive effect on increasing metabolism to burn body fat, tone muscle and increase cardiovascular activity. Until next time, train hard and eat healthy.

Fitness expert and bodybuilder Kennett Washington is president of Healing Strength Personal Training.