One-on-One Charlotte Personal Training

One-on-one Personal Training at studio or in home-Our Luxury level of Service

These are the premier packages. Clients that commit to one of these Luxury plans are pampered with all the amenities that HSPT has to offer. This package includes a complete break down and system that helps you understand your body and the basic physiology functions. Healing Strength breaks this concept down to you in simple terms and very easy to follow steps. Your program is design with a specific 10 minute stretching regimen, which is individualized from your own unique assessment. Your training program is designed and monitored by your own unique trainer.

Every 4-6 weeks you will have your functional movement test and re-assessment revised along with your body tape measurements and body fat analysis assessment. This same process is taken for the in- home clients. The greater luxury for having this level of service is having the expertise of your personal trainer at your finger tips. Our trainers will travel to you in the privacy and convenience of your own home to give you that unique and personal workout that HSPT has to offer.