My Spartan Experience

4I started to train with Kennett at Healing Strength over a year ago. I found his blend of Crossfit Kettlebell and circuit training a pleasant change from traditional fitness regimens. About three months into our training sessions, he mentioned that he was training for an obstacle course run– a Spartan.

1Apparently, there are free workouts around the country to prep for these races and he wanted a few of his clients to try them out. I volunteered and found myself later, in the middle of a high school track field, doing squats, lunges, burpees, pushups and running for what seemed like hours. It was sometime later that he pulled me aside after boot camp class and encouraged me to do a Spartan Sprint. I was not as confident – I am not a strong runner.

2Although I voiced my doubts to him, he was passionate in my abilities. He said that not only did I have the strength to do it but with some of his techniques, I could run it. We started training as a team in January. We worked through arduous 4:30am sessions with lifting, running, wall climbing, 20 to 40lb slam ball work, hill sprints and trail running. No matter how tired, defeated and sore I was, Kennett was continually encouraging and supportive.

3Then came race day. He was with me every step of the way, even after he was injured. Despite my self-doubt, I finished the race and felt prepared for every heavy granite ball carry, every sandbag carry, every wheelbarrow pull, wall climb and 5 miles of cow pastures. Thank you Kennett for all of your hard work, support, training and dedication. With your belief system and encouragement I was able to push myself beyond what I thought was impossible. I am so grateful for you helping me live a full healthy and functional life.

Dr. Dorothy, Age:32


Charlotte, NC

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