“I Could Conquer the World…”

spartan 2-1I once heard someone say: “Be Comfortable with being Uncomfortable.”

That is a motto i try to live by every day. Spartan Races are a perfect example of this. They will mentally challenge you, physically exhaust you, they are wet, dirty and half the time your feet feel like you are wearing cement blocks for running shoes.

Your thoughts of quitting will shower your mind until a stranger or as i like to refer to them as “a Ray of sunshine” will support you through your journey. The camaraderie between athletes is undeniably amazing!

SpartanPics2015So why do the Spartan Races you may ask yourself by now? Well it’s a simple answer: The Reward. Tackling 8ft walls, Cargo nets, barbed wire bear crawls through mud, jumping over fire,and trenching through mucky water gives me a sense of accomplishment that makes me feel as though at that time i could conquer the world.

So what do ya say?? Ready to join me? Kennett has the most amazing Bootcamp just to get you prepared.

Lisa Palmer, Age:42
Site Transportation Admin
Charlotte, NC


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