Charlotte Personal Trainers Integrated Core Stabilization/CET

This is an area of specialization that HSPT specifically specializes in. We have developed lasting relationships with local and surrounding chiropractic doctors and their patients. Our experts understand the challenge that today’s society face. 85% of U.S. adults have chronic low back pain, thoracic and upper cervical imbalances, or distortions. Whether these abnormalities are from performing traditional abdominal exercises without proper lumbo-pelvic-hip stabilization a result from surgery, or trauma related injury, the goal is to help clients reach their optimum level of efficiency in as safe manner as possible.

At this stage we specifically train clients to improve their inefficient movement, which can lead to predictable patterns of injury. Our experts assess each client from a posture and movement assessment, which helps determine many key elements in the client’s current and past muscle compensations and imbalances. Clients that are trained on this phase usually are suffering from severe neuromuscular efficiency (ability for the nervous system to communicate effectively with the muscular system)