“He is extremely committed and cultivates the transformation of his clients.”

“Kennett is an awesome trainer, mentor, and friend.  While navigating my passage to a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, Kennett also guided my transition into the bodybuilding world and has helped transform me into a competitive Bikini/ Bikini Model and Figure Athlete holding several 1st place title divisions and two 2nd place.  

We definitely have had our moments of frustration along the way… me not “listening” and sometimes thinking he is “crazy.”  Yes, we got on each others’ nerves, but at the end of the day I always knew that Kennett had my best interest at heart… he was ALWAYS and still is Team Shawn. 

He is extremely committed and cultivates the transformation of his clients.  His support, I never question.  It is unwavering no matter what.  Even when traveling for work, he never misses a beat… checking in and making sure that I’m on track with my eating and workouts.

He gives so much of his time and attention.  That’s how I know that this is his calling.  I can’t wait for us to bring home more titles in 2020 in my quest to obtain my Pro Card.”

Shawn Monique Jackson 

Age: 44

Fashion Designer

Charlotte NC 

“Honestly, none of it would have been possible without Kennett as my coach.”

Entering a bodybuilding competition has always been at the back of mind but once I made up my mind I was going to pursue one, I contacted Kennett. 

Prior to working with him, he cautioned me of the amount of work required but also inform me he would be my guide. 

My starting weight was 202. Throughout my journey, I dropped a total of 30lbs, approximately 1.5lbs per week. As a result, I came in 2nd in my competition.  

Honestly, none of it would have been possible without Kennett as my coach.  He was my accountability partner, nutritional coach, weightlifting coach, and mentor. I gain so much knowledge from working with this guy.

I look forward to competing again next year.

Leon Antonio Gamble, Age:33
Engineer Technologist – Duke Energy Charlotte, NC

2nd Place Champion Men’s Open Physique  NGA Red Rose City Classic Natural Bodybuilding Championship’s

“I never felt hungry and always left workouts more energized than before!”

“I came to Kennett Washington to lose a few lbs before getting married. I was already an active person who went to the gym on a semi-regular basis, but really needed an extra kick to get in shape for my wedding. Kennett gave me just that! He provided me with the tools to not only work out the right way, but also nutritional guidance to make sure I saw results. I never felt hungry and always left workouts more energized than before! I’m super happy to have found Kennett and would recommend going to him to shape up for your big day!”

Marketing Manger,
Charlotte NC

“My Transformation Under Your Guidance Was Breath Taking, and I’m Still Looking at Myself With Amazement. “

Mr. Kennett Washington,

I would like to say thank you for all the knowledge and your planing of my show prep leading me into my very first show. The NGA Red Rose City Classic show was held on October 17th, 2015 and it is one to remember! My very first time hitting the stage was an amazing experience. Not only did I win my first title as the overall champion, I also received my Pro Card as a NGA Natural Pro Bodybuilder!

I really just would like to give thanks for your time, and your passion for the sport, I’m truly grateful.

You are truly a champion on and off the stage. Along with that, your competitiveness that radiates around you gave me an edge that made me an unstoppable force.

Although, sometimes I didn’t understand which direction you were heading with me. I relaxed and decided to let you be the pilot. “Oh boy, when I touched down on that stage I was polished, all because of you!”

My transformation under your guidance was breath taking, and I’m still looking at myself with amazement.

I highly recommend anyone whom desires a transformation to come to Healing Strength Personal Training, because of the quality that is given.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks again,

NGA Natural Pro Bodybuilder,

Octavius Parker

Spartan Testimonial from Miss Michelle Smith AKA Miss Beast!

Spartan6“I completed my very first Spartan Sprint Race in 2014 and it was truly amazing. I had no idea what to expect from the race as well as the training leading up to it. I committed myself to doing this and was dedicated to see it through.

After watching a couple of Youtube videos I was starting to have second thoughts but nevertheless I continued on. Kennett and I trained as early as 4am to some times 9pm at night several times a week. This was my very first time ever getting up at 3:15am for a 4am training session but as I stated, I was committed and dedicated to this. I’ve never trained so hard in my life but thank God I did because every single thing we did and more was part of the Spartan Race.

Through the mud pit holding on to Miss Spartan Beast

Of course I complained well training because there was no way what we were doing made sense to me but low and behold, it all came together. The day of the race I was both excited and nervous as hell. Having Kennett by my side that entire journey was much needed and even more appreciated. He pushed me to my max and never left my side…a true meaning of teamwork.

We ran, slid in mud, jump in muddy water, climb walls after walls, carried granite balls, did burpees, crawled under bob-wires, climb ropes, pull sandbags, etc. All this was done on a rainy and cold day but the experience and level of accomplishment made it feel sunny and warm. I would definitely do it again with the same 4am training with Kennett. It really is mind over matter!!!”

Michelle Smith, Age:38

Associate Director

Charlotte, NC

My Spartan Experience

4I started to train with Kennett at Healing Strength over a year ago. I found his blend of Crossfit Kettlebell and circuit training a pleasant change from traditional fitness regimens. About three months into our training sessions, he mentioned that he was training for an obstacle course run– a Spartan.

1Apparently, there are free workouts around the country to prep for these races and he wanted a few of his clients to try them out. I volunteered and found myself later, in the middle of a high school track field, doing squats, lunges, burpees, pushups and running for what seemed like hours. It was sometime later that he pulled me aside after boot camp class and encouraged me to do a Spartan Sprint. I was not as confident – I am not a strong runner.

2Although I voiced my doubts to him, he was passionate in my abilities. He said that not only did I have the strength to do it but with some of his techniques, I could run it. We started training as a team in January. We worked through arduous 4:30am sessions with lifting, running, wall climbing, 20 to 40lb slam ball work, hill sprints and trail running. No matter how tired, defeated and sore I was, Kennett was continually encouraging and supportive.

3Then came race day. He was with me every step of the way, even after he was injured. Despite my self-doubt, I finished the race and felt prepared for every heavy granite ball carry, every sandbag carry, every wheelbarrow pull, wall climb and 5 miles of cow pastures. Thank you Kennett for all of your hard work, support, training and dedication. With your belief system and encouragement I was able to push myself beyond what I thought was impossible. I am so grateful for you helping me live a full healthy and functional life.

Dr. Dorothy, Age:32


Charlotte, NC

Reena Already Lost 20 Pounds and Several Inches

Reena-Before_After“Before I started my fitness journey with Kennett, I was truly lost. I was overweight as a result of being in a sad place in my life, and it clearly showed in my appearance. I didn’t care enough about myself to want to be healthy, and instead, I indulged in ways I shouldn’t have — food, alcohol, etc. Since coming to Healing Strength Personal Training, my life has taken a dramatic change for the better.

Kennett’s guidance hasn’t just helped me lose more than 20 pounds and several inches over the course of a few months, but it’s made me mentally and emotionally stronger as well. I never looked forward to working out. Now, it’s practically part of my daily routine thanks to Kennett. I cannot recommend him enough, and I’m excited to continue down this positive path with him.”

Reena Arora, Age:31
Communications Consultant
Charlotte, NC

Just want to say thank you for believing in me and pushing me past my own limits.

This boot camp is exactly what I needed to start my journey to healthy living. Thanks to Kennett I actually look forward to working out and eating healthy again. Awesome class! Awesome trainer! I can’t thank you enough.

Barjohn R. Lee, Age:36
Charlotte, NC
Compliance QA Coordinator

This is What They Want to Know

HSPT Christmas Party 2011

36 lbs Fat Loss in 90 Days

Kate’s 5k Experience

Regular Ladies Doing Super Things

Julie lost 30 lbs

With [Kennett’s] knowledge and expertise my diet was effective and training was king!

“I want to thank Kennett Washington for all of his help in helping me prepare for the NGA Olympus show. With his knowledge and expertise my diet was effective and training was king. Oct 25th 2008 I turned pro after winning the Master division at the NGA Drug-Free Olympus Bodybuilding Show held in Buffalo NY. I thank God for his help and support.”
Johnny Hurley
Winnsboro, S.C.

Kennett is an excellent trainer

Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story  Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story
Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story  Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story
Boot camp for me is so much more than just looking good! Although fitness is a major priority in my life, the benefits go way beyond the physical appearance. Mentally boot camp has given me more confidence, energy and helps tremendously with issues of melancholy. Kennett is an excellent trainer and motivator and the women are inspiring and pleasant to be be around for our tough but feel good work outs. There is no other place I would rather be right now to keep me in shape. The fact that it’s all women of different shapes, sizes, and ability is inspiring. Everyone has different weaknesses and strengths which inspires you to focus your strengths and improve. The comoderie of others definitely helps get you there! Kennett and the other two trainers I’ve worked with all exude extremely positive energy which makes you want to perform your best. They help you push yourself to your limit because of their attentiveness to your current strength and potential. They’re also witty and funny which makes a grueling workout mentally lighter with a couple of chuckles. So it’s like having the luxury of a personalized trainer without the expense which some of us cannot afford.

Lisa Palmer, Age:41
Charlotte, NC

Jordan Lost a Total of 24 pds of Actual Body Fat.

 Dropping from a Body Fat Percentage of 24% Down to 12.9%. Jordan Gained 3.5 pds of Lean Muscle. Body Transformation Complete!

Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story

Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story

I came to Healing Strength Personal Training hoping to become a bit more educated and encouraged to live a healthy and active life. I was just out of college, working my first 9 to 5, living on fast food and frozen dinners, and working too much. Six months later I was the heaviest I’ve been in my life and felt terrible; I knew something had to change and the longer I waited the harder it would be. While the idea of a healthy lifestyle seemed simple enough: eat healthy foods and exercise, attempting to incorporate these changes into my life was a surprisingly daunting task. It was a struggle to find reliable and consistent information on the internet for my new lifestyle so I sought out the help of a personal trainer to point me in the right direction and get me comfortable in a gym environment.

I gave Kennett a call, set up a consult and came with a very long list of questions. As an engineer I want to be told what to do, when to do it and why I’m doing it. This is exactly what I got, and then some. I wasn’t looking for someone to yell at me for 30 minutes and scare me into working hard. Working with Kennett was always comfortable and I was consistently pushed to my physical boundary without ever feeling unsafe. I was working with Kennett three days a week and started to see major differences when I looked in the mirror. I was amazed at what these changes did for my confidence and how much better I felt just going through the day. Driving home and feeling great after a hard workout with Kennett became something I looked forward to and even though I went after a long day at work I never once made an excuse not to go. It was fun and even after nearly a year I still enjoy “my time” in the gym. I’m on my own now but can walk into any gym and know exactly what I should be doing, how to safely and effectively do it, and without worrying about what the people around me are doing.

I would highly recommend Healing Strength Personal Training to anyone looking to improve themselves but may feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. While Kennett will not do the work for you, and it won’t always be easy, you will get what you put into it. For me, I put all that I had into it and what I’ve gotten back I can’t quantify, but will stay with me forever. Thanks Kennett for everything!
Mechanical Engineer
Charlotte, NC

Weight loss of 108 pounds thus far

Melissa Keays Went From a Sedentary Life Style to a
Standing Vibrant and Active Fitness Bootcamper with
Stand Out weight loss of 108 pounds thus far!

Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success StoryPersonal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story

Kerrie Kail Was 220 lbs and a Size 22…Now After Losing 52 lbs. She’s a Size 14 and Weighs 168 lbs!

Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success StoryPersonal Trainers In Charlotte Success StoryPersonal Trainers In Charlotte Success StoryPersonal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story

When I began my weight loss journey with Healing Strength Personal Training I was 220 lbs. and a size 22. I had difficulty breathing, my energy level was zero and my body ached from carrying all the excess weight around. With the inspiration, motivation and guidance I received from Healing Strength, my weight dropped 52 lbs. and I was a size 14. Throughout this process I learned not only how to eat nutritionally and train properly but also the importance of drinking plenty of water and the significance of not just losing weight but losing actual body fat. Healing Strength Personal Training not only changed my body image but changed my life. Today I don’t live to eat but I eat to live and I feel great. I greatly appreciate all that Healing Strength has done for me because now I will be able to live and enjoy a longer life.
Kerrie Kail
Lancaster, S.C.

I Am Happy To Say That The Dress Fit Perfectly And I Was Comfortable In It The Entire Evening.


I cannot thank Kennett and his team enough for getting me into shape for my wedding. I had wanted to lose weight and tone up for years but the wedding really motivated me. I bought a sample dress that was a size too small and would not close all the way in the back. I wasn’t comfortable and it was difficult to breathe. I heard about Kennett’s boot camp and attended a 6 week session. I enjoyed the program so much that I decided to add one on one personal training. I had lost weight through exercise and a healthier diet but I needed those few extra inches off that I could only get through strength training and someone pushing me towards my goal. I am happy to say that the dress fit perfectly and I was comfortable in it the entire evening. I plan to maintain my current weight and continue in my journey towards being healthier.
Chessa Bossy, Age:37
Executive Assistant
Charlotte, NC

I am very thankful to Kennett

Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story“Kennett taught me that through proper diet, exercise, and supplementation I could reach and surpass my fitness goals and competitive bodybuilding aspirations. After working with Kennett for a year, my dream of competing in a bodybuilding show was realized. I am very thankful to Kennett and Healing Strength Personal Training for helping me to achieve my goals.”
Larry Tidwell
Lancaster, SC

I have lost so many inches that my clothes are just falling off me

Boot Camps In Charlotte Success Story
To lose weight and establish a healthy lifestyle, one must be motivated, determined and have a mindset for change. Well those things I didn’t have until I met Kennett. Just talking to him on the first visit helped me gain faith in myself and gave me the motivation to start a new life…a healthy life. He made me realize that being healthy and in shape is a lifestyle and not just a quick fix for a vacation or an upcoming party…this is a way of life and he assured me that with his help I could indeed live that way. He has never let me down. He and his team push me hard when I want to quit and show sincere concern about my health and well being. I know they care and want to see me succeed which gives me even more strength to go on. There is nothing better than knowing you are not just another paycheck. When I started my weight loss journey I was 263 pounds; I am now down to 210 pounds and I am still going! I have lost so many inches that my clothes are just falling off me. This program has changed my life and I am so thankful for this team.

Monai Brown Age:28
Data Analyst
Charlotte, NC

I would highly recommend their services to anyone

Boot Camps In Charlotte Success StoryBoot Camps In Charlotte Success Story
Since I started Kettelbell training with Healing Strength Personal Training I have noticed a lot of changes in myself. So far a 64lb fat lost. I have not only lost weight and gained strength, but I have also gained confidence in myself. The Healing Strength Training Staff are not “cookie cutter” trainers that you will find at most gyms. They are professional, knowledgeable, passionate, and encouraging. They make each workout a challenge, explain what the movements are doing for you, and encourage you through the whole workout. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is serious about getting back into shape and also to those who are just thinking about it.

David Ward , Age: 39
Purchasing Manager
Charlotte, NC

I love and enjoy my boot camp

Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story“I joined Healing Strength Personal Training boot camp the week before Thanksgiving 2011. This is my first time in any type of boot camp or organized fitness training. I didn’t take any measurement at the beginning. I decided to take my measurements for the first time in February 2012 to track them. In two months I lost a total of 15 inches and 8 pounds. The first weekend in March I wore a pair of pants that I had not worn in 2 years. I love and enjoy my boot camp. Kennett Washington is the absolute BEST!!! He encourages you to work at your own pace however he will push you to do more. Thank you Kennett for all you do to help me to become a more healthier woman.”
Lee Carothers Age: 58
Event Planning/Tradeshow Managment
Charlotte, NC

All his hard work paid off as he developed into a much better ball player. He was even named MVP of the team this year.

Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success StoryPersonal Trainers In Charlotte Success StoryPersonal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story
Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success StoryPersonal Trainers In Charlotte Success StoryPersonal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story

“All his hard work paid off as he developed into a much better ball player. He was even named MVP of the team this year.”
Our son, Nick Reynosa, was a bit husky growing up. He was always athletic and had played baseball since he was 4 years old. However, he liked to eat. In fact, he had the nickname “Pork Chop”.

In the Spring of 2012, Nick was in 7th grade and made his middle school baseball team. When school ball was over, he transitioned to another local traveling baseball team. It was the Charlotte Stealth team that practiced and trained at a facility on Nations Ford Road.

It was there that Nick met Kennett Washington from Healing Strength. In August 2012 Nick began working out with Healing Strength 3 days a week. Not only did the trainers from Healing Strength start to teach Nick about strengthening his body, he also learned about nutrition.

Nick dropped his training back to 1 or 2 times a week once school started. However, he began to work out at home using the techniques he learned from Healing Strength. His diet also improved dramatically.

He continued with baseball and made the middle school team again in Spring of 2013. But this year he looked a lot different. He had lost 30 pounds. He was quicker and now ran a 6 minute mile. He also was down to less than 1% body fat. Many of his teammates hardly recognized him. All his hard work paid off as he developed into a much better ball player. He was even named MVP of the team this year.

The trainers at Healing Strength helped our son gain confidence and improve his athletic abilities. They also taught him how to better understand his body’s physical and nutritional needs.

We are so proud of Nick and his discipline to achieve his goals. We are so grateful to Healing Strength for all of the time and effort they put into working with our son.
The attached photos are Nick’s school portraits taken in October 2011 and one year later in October 2012, just two months after he began to work with Healing Strength. What a difference they have made in his life.
Mother of Nick Reynosa:
Karri Reynosa, CPA, MBA
Vice President, Finance
AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services
Charlotte, NC 28208