“This day was a special day for us both…

Spartan15Super8I was in a little fatigued and in pain here but I was able to push through with Jackie and my Lil E on the side line cheering me on. Some may ask why did I finish if I was facing the adversities of pain and fatigue.

Well…when you have someone that thinks you are a Super Hero and believes that he can do whatever Daddy can do and even better.


Half way point that caused me to loss some serious time I failed at this spear through attempt

You don’t want to let that little guy down so as his father I sucked it up and finished. In actuality I am just a man, a human being just like everyone else. But if for that moment allowing him to believe that I am different to help instill the confidence in him that anything in life that he put his mind to, he can do it.


After pulling myself out of the pit I think I said are you recording lol…

So that alone made my Super Hero moment well worth it! This day was a special day for us both.

The taste of victory I was almost there but had to get one last swig of that crunk juice lol...

The taste of victory I was almost there but had to get one last swig of that crunk juice lol…

Lil E was able to finish his very first Spartan Race after sitting on the side line watching and cheering on Daddy for 3 years. He finally got the chance to do it himself and this was such a blessing for me and Jackie to be apart of.

“I Could Conquer the World…”

spartan 2-1I once heard someone say: “Be Comfortable with being Uncomfortable.”

That is a motto i try to live by every day. Spartan Races are a perfect example of this. They will mentally challenge you, physically exhaust you, they are wet, dirty and half the time your feet feel like you are wearing cement blocks for running shoes.

Your thoughts of quitting will shower your mind until a stranger or as i like to refer to them as “a Ray of sunshine” will support you through your journey. The camaraderie between athletes is undeniably amazing!

SpartanPics2015So why do the Spartan Races you may ask yourself by now? Well it’s a simple answer: The Reward. Tackling 8ft walls, Cargo nets, barbed wire bear crawls through mud, jumping over fire,and trenching through mucky water gives me a sense of accomplishment that makes me feel as though at that time i could conquer the world.

So what do ya say?? Ready to join me? Kennett has the most amazing Bootcamp just to get you prepared.

Lisa Palmer, Age:42
Site Transportation Admin
Charlotte, NC


“My First Spartan run with my youngest son Ethan, what an experience that money could never buy”

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Spartan Testimonial from Miss Michelle Smith AKA Miss Beast!

Spartan6“I completed my very first Spartan Sprint Race in 2014 and it was truly amazing. I had no idea what to expect from the race as well as the training leading up to it. I committed myself to doing this and was dedicated to see it through.

After watching a couple of Youtube videos I was starting to have second thoughts but nevertheless I continued on. Kennett and I trained as early as 4am to some times 9pm at night several times a week. This was my very first time ever getting up at 3:15am for a 4am training session but as I stated, I was committed and dedicated to this. I’ve never trained so hard in my life but thank God I did because every single thing we did and more was part of the Spartan Race.

Through the mud pit holding on to Miss Spartan Beast

Of course I complained well training because there was no way what we were doing made sense to me but low and behold, it all came together. The day of the race I was both excited and nervous as hell. Having Kennett by my side that entire journey was much needed and even more appreciated. He pushed me to my max and never left my side…a true meaning of teamwork.

We ran, slid in mud, jump in muddy water, climb walls after walls, carried granite balls, did burpees, crawled under bob-wires, climb ropes, pull sandbags, etc. All this was done on a rainy and cold day but the experience and level of accomplishment made it feel sunny and warm. I would definitely do it again with the same 4am training with Kennett. It really is mind over matter!!!”

Michelle Smith, Age:38

Associate Director

Charlotte, NC

My Spartan Experience

4I started to train with Kennett at Healing Strength over a year ago. I found his blend of Crossfit Kettlebell and circuit training a pleasant change from traditional fitness regimens. About three months into our training sessions, he mentioned that he was training for an obstacle course run– a Spartan.

1Apparently, there are free workouts around the country to prep for these races and he wanted a few of his clients to try them out. I volunteered and found myself later, in the middle of a high school track field, doing squats, lunges, burpees, pushups and running for what seemed like hours. It was sometime later that he pulled me aside after boot camp class and encouraged me to do a Spartan Sprint. I was not as confident – I am not a strong runner.

2Although I voiced my doubts to him, he was passionate in my abilities. He said that not only did I have the strength to do it but with some of his techniques, I could run it. We started training as a team in January. We worked through arduous 4:30am sessions with lifting, running, wall climbing, 20 to 40lb slam ball work, hill sprints and trail running. No matter how tired, defeated and sore I was, Kennett was continually encouraging and supportive.

3Then came race day. He was with me every step of the way, even after he was injured. Despite my self-doubt, I finished the race and felt prepared for every heavy granite ball carry, every sandbag carry, every wheelbarrow pull, wall climb and 5 miles of cow pastures. Thank you Kennett for all of your hard work, support, training and dedication. With your belief system and encouragement I was able to push myself beyond what I thought was impossible. I am so grateful for you helping me live a full healthy and functional life.

Dr. Dorothy, Age:32


Charlotte, NC