HSPT Christmas Party

Bootcamp award winner Sara Agnew best in spirit Always(Agnew The 2012 New Water)

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Healing Strength 2011 Christmas Party!

Award Ceremony (Most Energetic) "Debora Wellington"

Me & Allen Duces "Allen MVP Client Of The Year"

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60 something & Killing it at bootcamp

The Charlotte’s 21 Day Fat Loss Women’s Fitness Bootcamp

Their in the house bright and early learning all the secrets to burning off unwanted fat.

Here Are A Few Of The Ladies In Action!

Client Appreciation Christmas Party!

Listen to how they say Healing Strength Personal Training has changed their lives!

Jackie’s Transformation Part 12

Jackie’s Transformation Part 11

Jackie’s Transformation Part 10

Jackie’s Transformation Part 9

Jackie’s Transformation Part 8

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Jackie’s Transformation Part 6

Jackie’s Transformation Part 5

Jackie’s response to the words can’t

Jackie’s 5th Day On Her Body Transformation Journey

Jackie’s Transformation Part 3

Jackie’s Transformation…

For the next 90 days you will witness a body transformation

Columbiana Boot Camp Best Action Picture

Check out Maricruz Springer in action with the battle rope during our Columbiana boot camp fat annihilation! Also check out the whole crew stylin’ with the Columbiana eyewear.

If you want to be a part of this awesome boot camp click here now

Charlotte Best Women’s Fitness Bootcamp

7 Day Transformation Bonus # 1

7 Day Transformation Super Food # 4

7 Day Transformation Super Foods #3

This meal # 3 is sooo….delicious and I mean delicious.

7 Day Transformation Super Foods Meal #2

Here is an awesome meal replacement, snack, pre-workout and after training post recover drink that I use during pre-contest training. Once again preparing this meal takes less than 7mins guaranteed!

7 Day Transformation Super Foods Meal # 1

Ok guys below is your first video. Save it in your archives and remember to ask question if you have them leave comments as well with your questions. Use me as a model and watch your own body transform before your very own eyes.
Have a productive day and we will see you in about an hour!

A Star Is Born!

“Battle LA Charlotte Women Fitness Bootcamp”

Check out the pics below of the 6:30pm Healing Strength Women Fitness Bootcamp.

Battle LA Crew

Battle for the #1 Spot

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“Lay One Brick At A Time”

Two months ago a bootcamper by the name of Hazel Williams brought me information of a 5k scheduled here in Charlotte. Through out the year I occupationally will run 1 or 2 races to help support charity and to get all the great energy and wonderful cardio benefits. So I figured it would be a great event for us to do as a team(My Bootcamp)What happened to all of my campers? The closer the race got everyone either fell off the wagon and had every excuse not to run and not finish a goal that we had started months ago. Some of the excuses were legit but there were others that….well here is some of what I heard, “I don’t think I will be ready to run a 5k I will need to get in better shape.” That’s the famous one but the list goes on. I titled this article “Lay One Brick At A Time” for a reason. You see many people think they have to have a wall up before they start to do anything. Some of us think that we need to be an all American long distance runner before we even run around the house so never mind a 5k. I posted a clip to this blog post and I hope to inspire some of you that have taken the time to read it. Will Smith explains it best when he speaks on this topic. There were so many people there today that inspired me so much. I saw 60 plus year old women, 20 plus women with babies pushing them along in there carriage, I even saw many kids too. There were teams, families and so much more. You know what they all had in common? Bricks! They were laying down one step at a time every one had there own pace and some even stopped to take breaks. The thing I am trying to say here is at the finish line they built a wall and they did it together. If you missed out on this Saturday’s 5k run/walk because you made excuses and lost focus of what we set out to do 2 months ago, I hope Will can inspire you. You have to have the belief and with that belief you have to represent an idea that has tunnel vision and tremendous focus. Along with all of that you have to protect it all like a dream that has come true. You see ladies and gentlemen Kennett Washington once said, “It’s Really Not About The Race It’s About The Finish” Let’s all congratulate Kate Graham she ran her very first 5k and I do mean ran it 100%. She finished it with a bang! I challenge everyone to set aside 10mins and listen to this clip. Get Inspired and Get Fit For Life see you all at the top! Click Me To Get Inspired!

Thumbs Up For Kate!

"It's Really...About The Finish"

The Cause...