Back To School Charity Drive For The Kids…

This is just one of the charity events that we do yearly.  Actually this was our first year doing this one.  HSPT allianced with NU-U Barber Shop this year for the first time to help support their back-to-school charity event for the kids.  This was an opportunity for me to show the kids exercise and educate them a little about the great benefits that can be added to the funky dance moves.  Of course I had to add a little incentive to get everyone motivated too.  Parents, don’t be alarmed some of these dance moves that you will see are real and how the young youth do it now days.  I will name a few The Beef It Up, Jerk, and The Famous Crunk Dancing.   You will get a chance to see Lil Sug… do her thang.  Guys this could not have been possible without all the donations from our clients.  My ladies from our women’s fitness boot camp really stepped up!  So many happy kids and many were so appreciative; they kind of took over Tres and my table and just hung out.  It was all good tho, a great time for me to reflect and see how far I have come as a business owner but most of all as an individual.  Some of you may not know this but I use to be one of those little kids, looking for positive role models in our community.  Unfortunately, being raised in the projects of Southeast Washington D.C. which was at the time the murder capital of the world, didn’t make that search for positive energy all that great.  Even when we moved back to my home town of Lancaster, SC our environment was tough still living in the Lion’s Den of South Side, New Town, Carolina Court, 200 Trailer Park, The Hill and The Pardue Projects.  Those are some very well-known, low poverty and high crime areas in Lancaster.
Why do I tell you this?  I’m giving you a brief back ground of my childhood because this is one charity event that we started not to participate in.  But boy… am I glad that we did because it brought me back to remembering what has been a key to my success.  If you have ever been in my office you have seen this huge picture of a man kneeling on his knees on a rail road track.  Below that picture is the word Per-se-ver-ance and the definition.  Well… some of you will never guess,  that picture is of me.  It was taken just a few blocks from some of the roughest streets and hoods in Lancaster some of which I once lived in.  This picture has a very symbolic meaning to me for time sacks I will only share one with you today Per-se-ver-ance.    That’s how I did it and of course I didn’t do it alone.  I have one of the strongest and inspirational people in my life that played a major role in raising all 8 of us.  My Mom, all 5 foot 2 inches and 135lbs of her was inspiring.  As a single parent she instilled faith, belief, perseverance and resilience in all of us including my one and only spoiled, baby sister.  For the first time in a long time I saw some of those qualities in each one of those little kids’ eyes as they were doing those push-ups for a small reward of 1 dollar.  They wanted someone to believe they have faith, the resilience and perseverance that has been instilled in them too.  Some even came over to the table afterwards and asked me to show them another exercise. Amazing right?  Exercise will not be their way out of the hood, hard times or gang invested neighborhoods but I can assure you it will be and alternative way to help them overcome and reflect it into doing something positive and up lifting with their body and life. There were so many other high lights that I wanted to add but just didn’t have enough space to add to this video so we got in what we could.  Thank you again to all of our clients here at Healing Strength Personal Training for making this charity event a success and enjoy the video.



  1. be good in ur good rslt. alws keep in mind that u hv to do smthing for this conurty nd try to stay in conurty after passing out. do smthing, making ur position strong in this society. its not that easy. if u cant find out ur way now u’ll find it hard to think after passing nd then u find the ezy way of going outside to make ur future. there r lots of bad guys in our society u cant find a soln protesting only one or two. a revolution without destination nvr succeeded. only it mk the situation tougher. find out whts wrong. why n how these incidents happening nd make u all together as a wall so that nothing can intrude. with lots of diff in ur opinion try to be united. remember together we strong divide we fall.

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