Angela’s Victory

Angela Preparing For Final Round of Front Squats

Final 200m Row!

Some of you looking at this pic may just be thinking, wild!  Others may be feeling inspired after Saturdays Client Workout Challenge.  For those of you that have been in a dark whole somewhere and not keeping up with what’s going on here at HSPT I’ll attempt to fill you in.  Weeks ago we had a boot camper who pretty much challenged me and my team to a workout.  The deal on the line was this, who ever finished one of our workouts in a limit set time will win a high class profile/ all the gold trimmings dinner with me and the complete staff.  The catch to this is that no one knew the workout or had ever done it before so it was going to be a serious and purposeful challenge.  At first we had about 8 takers on the deal but as it came down to the day of the challenge all of them weaseled their way out of the deal.  So this left really no one until Angela Ward and her husband Dave Ward said, “I’ll do it!”  Dave’s a formal Marine so I knew I could count on him.  These two voices sparked the interest of two other great campers  Francina Tillman & Monica Terrall.  Ok, I will take the 4 for the price of one expensive meal.  The workout was grueling and tough, they all had 30 minutes to finish and only one can be victories.  Angela was that one, my have she come a long way.  She has lost like 60 something pounds and only about 40 something shy from her goal of 100lbs.  This lady is just amazing and to see her not only attempt what I think is one of the toughest workouts but finish it, it’s just absolutely amazing!  So we will be spending our hard earned cash on this lady filling her up with steak and potatoes or what ever her little heart desires on her special date out with the trainers.

P.S.  Dave you can come along but you have to pay for your own meal!  LOL….  I Love My Job!


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