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Healing Strength Personal Training was founded on February 21, 1999. Since then we have been helping clients live life to the fullest with proper exercise and nutrition. With our motto “medicine is now in fitness” we have truly redefined client’s lives. What do I mean by redefining the quality of someone’s life? Quality of life is when someone gets a clean bill of health from their doctor, not just physically, but also emotionally, spiritually, and financially. When elite athletes are able to take their game to the next level, teachers who now feel more focused and energized at work, able to give back even more to our young youth, CEO’s, CFO’s, business owners tell me that their performance at work has improved. Do you know how many of our clients were able to decrease or in some cases get off of their cholesterol, hypertension, antidepressant and numerous other harmful medications? This supports my motto “medicine is now in fitness.” Many of today’s illnesses are preventable with proper exercise and nutrition. With this accomplishment in mind we at Healing Strength are proud to be a big part in saving our clients lives.

Our clients come from all walks of life. Feel Free to browse some of our client’s inspirational testimonials and inspirational transformations pictures. Kennett Washington is the founder of Healing Strength Personal Training and is Charlotte’s premier expert for body transformation. “Many people workout but very few know how to train. The nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems are three powerful systems. If trained properly they can maximize your results and the effectiveness of your overall program.”

Healing Strength Personal Training is a personal training company structured to teach our clients how to train their system to respond to a proper individualized program. Training can be done at our location or within the privacy of your own home. All of which allows optimal results and overall benefits to your health. We follow the National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM) OPT Model. This model is divided into three different building blocks of the training-stabilization, strength, and power. Within each level contains very specific phases of training.

Based on each unique clients assessment training programs are then designed using the (NASM) OPT Model. We are proud to offer the specialized areas of training in Integrated Core Stabilization, Integrated Neuromuscular Stabilization and Integrated Reactive Neuromuscular. Science and studies has shown this progressive system to be effective in today’s society. With this power and knowledge our certified trainers are dedicated to get their prospective clients the maximum results through proper training, nutrition, and supplementation. We at Healing Strength Personal Training believe in client education and long term client health and success, not unhealthy quick fix fad diets and programs that could be hazardous to our clients health.

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